Sullivan’s Foods Response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19: Update 3/27/2020

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During this crazy time of uncertainty we certainly want to THANK our employees for the extraordinary job that they have done for the past couple of weeks. They are stocking shelves with what we are able to acquire as quickly as possible.

We would like to shine the light on our outstanding customer base after hearing reports from our store managers of how patient and sharing you have been:

  • A customer at our Freeport store bought lunch for the entire staff in appreciation of their efforts these past few weeks
  • A pizza place brought our Mendota employees lunch
  • Customers from our Marengo store have offered to help stock at our Marengo shelves
  • Customers in Winnebago are helping our baggers round up grocery carts in the parking lot and return them to the indoor cart area
  • We have customers shopping for shut-ins and the elderly at all locations
  • These are just a few of the wonderful selfless acts that our customers have done for us and their neighbors
From the Sullivan’s crew to you our customers, WE SALUTE YOU CUSTOMERS AND ASSOCIATES!


  • Store hours remain 7am-8pm reserving the first hour (7am-8am) every Tuesday and Thursday for high risk (elderly, those with health concerns or immune issues, pregnant woman…) people please. Thank you for keeping this in mind when you plan your trip to our stores.
  • All deli departments will extend their hours until 8pm if staffing permits

Sullivan’s Foods stores will temporarily change all store hours in efforts to provide our stores even more time to replenish shelves and sanitize. Our store associates are working diligently, and we are proud of their perseverance.

We are also actively working to have all of our store deli departments remain open later in the evenings. We offer many Fresh Deli and Grab n’ Go options like rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, sliced meats, salads, sandwiches, and more. Please call your store to confirm their deli hours and feel free to call in an order for pick up.

Product Availability

  • Please understand our stores are limited on what they can order, therefore in an attempt to help as many customers as possible are limiting the number of items you may purchase at one time.

Return Exchange Policy

  • Due to the concerns of the coronavirus/COVID-19 all sales are final. Absolutely no returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Weekly Ads

  • Sullivan’s Foods will suspend weekly ads until further notice

Rain Checks

  • Sullivan’s Foods will suspend rain checks until further notice

Store Dining Areas

  • All stores with dining areas are closed to the public, however you may purchase our prepackaged prepared foods from our delis to enjoy at home

Produce Safety Reminder

  • Please remember to wash your produce before eating or cooking

Social Distancing

  • In an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC recommends maintaining at least 6 feet of space from other people for your safety and ours. Each and every time you reduce the number of contacts you have each day will have a considerable impact on the ability of the virus to spread throughout our communities

Store Environment

  • We continue to sanitize and clean and stock. We have suspended in-store returns as well as the use of reusable bags. This is again to keep you and our employees as safe as possible. Please remember to keep your distance from others to the tune of 6 feet, as recommended by health authorities.

Bakery Deli Self-Serve Suspension

  • In order to help protect our customers and our employees from issues related to the coronavirus we have suspended all self-serve sales from both Deli and Bakery departments
    • This includes all hot self-serve foods, including soup, all cold self-serve foods, and all self-serve doughnuts
    • These items are all still available but will be prepackaged by our staff
    • We encourage our customers to call ahead for specific doughnut requests

Please ask our staff for anything you may need or if you require further explanation

Store Supplies

  • We will make every attempt to keep stores stocked and are working around the clock to stock cleaning supplies, paper products, and other items that are high in demand as fast as we can at our normal prices

Online Shopping (Savanna, Mendota, Winnebago)

  • We will open additional slots for in-store pick-up as demand requires and staffing allows
  • We ask that you update your order should you add or subtract before our shoppers begin to pick your order. Please do not create an additional order as that takes an entire slot from another customer
  • As supplies are limited, you may receive the store limit on high demand items. Please understand we are trying to accommodate as many customers as possible both instore and online

    Thank you all for your patience and stay safe.


    The Sullivan’s Foods Family and Associates