Sullivan’s Foods Update | Meat Supply 5/7/2020

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We continue to take extra steps to ensure your health and safety as well as those of our associates and thank you for your understanding as we all work through these changing times. We would like to provide an update today regarding further challenges.

What has happened to the meat market since COVID-19?

Sullivan’s Foods is committed to providing our customers with fresh quality meat products at reasonable prices. We work diligently with our meat vendors to find products that our customers want and need, as well as negotiating prices that are fair and equitable for sale to our customers.
USA TODAY reported on May 6, that 170 meat processing plants have been affected and have either closed or slowed down the processing of meat products due to the COVID-19. This is a result of illnesses or positive COVID test results within these facilities. Work reduction and closing of meat plants creates a trickle effect in the meat business constituting a bottle neck for the farmers, slaughterhouses, and processors leading to a meat shortage to vendors and grocery stores. Again, this shortage is not a result of product availability but due to the interruptions in the processing of the meat products.

What does a shortage of meat products equate to in the grocery stores?

Supermarkets across the nation find themselves limited to the meat that they can order. A Supermarket may get half of what they order and what they did receive from their order may be substituted with a different product. We do want to ensure our customers that as an independent grocer we will do everything we can to ensure the availability of product. Sullivan’s Foods utilizes a variety of vendors for our meat supply and our Meat Managers and Meat Specialists speak with the vendors daily attempting to obtain appropriate meat supply for our stores.

What effect does the meat shortage have on Pricing?

Supply and demand always influence pricing regardless of the commodity and meat supply is no different. Please know that while you may experience higher prices on some products, this is a direct result of an increase from our suppliers and out of our control. As costs rise from producers and the supply chain, we follow the same pricing structures and policies as we always have. We will do everything we can to provide pricing that our customers can afford. Sullivan’s Foods believes this shortage it temporary and as processing plants start to reopen and product becomes more available all will be resolved soon.

Will Sullivan’s limit the quantity of meat available to our customers?

At the present time we have not had to limit quantities, but we will limit should the need arise to ensure that all our customers have the availability to provide meat for their families.

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

The Sullivan Family