Sullivan’s Foods is a full service supermarket chain that offers a variety of services and amenities.                                             

Store Services | Coupon Policy

We believe that customer service and convenience are first priority! We believe that our job is to make your life easier.

As every community is unique in their needs, not all services are available at all locations. Please find your shopping community on the list below for the list of services that they offer. Free to contact that particular store regarding any of its services.

We offer Sullivan's Foods Gift Certificates in all our locations to make getting the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion! See our stores for details!

Sullivan's Foods utilizes a company called TeleCheck to process checks written in our stores. TeleCheck does have a $300 limit for check writing. If you have an order larger than $300 you may need to pay any remaining balance over the $300 by cash, credit, or debit card.

Services by store:

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Coupon Policy


  • We accept coupons that have not passed their expiration date.
  • We accept coupons that have a bar code and that scan on the point of sale system.
  • We do not accept coupons on items not purchased.
  • Buy one get one free offers - if two paper coupons are presented for the purchase of two items, both may be applied to the buy on get one free deal.


  • We accept only one manufacturer's coupon per purchased item.


  • We accept Internet manufacturer's coupons for money off a specific product up to $2.00, with the exception of Internet coupons that are generated off Sullivan's Foods Web Site and are marked Sullivan's Foods.
  • We do not accept Internet coupons offering an item for free; nor do we accept cash off total order Internet coupons.
  • We accept only one Internet manufacturer's coupon per purchased item.
  • Internet coupons must be an original coupon, not a copy, and it must scan.


  • We do not double or triple coupons of any type.
  • We will allow guests to stack one manufacturer's coupon with one Sullivan's Foods store/circular coupon for the corresponding item. The combination of the manufacturer's coupon and the Sullivan's Foods store/circular coupon may not exceed the retail price.


  • We do not accept competitor's coupons.

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