Associate Discount Program

To All Associates:

Yesterday (June 28, 2022) one of our Sullivan's Foods Stores failed an alcohol sting operation. Let this be a warning to all associates and stores that the State is out and performing Stings. An Alcohol Sting Operation is where the state has a minor come into the store to purchase alcohol. The individual will make an attempt to purchase alcohol, and  as with any customer it is your job to check ID's for anyone under the age of 40. If they are not of age of course you turn them away. We all know that it is increasingly difficult to  decipher who is underage and who is not (due to beards, hair and make up). Thus, the rule of thumb is to check and enter the correct Birthdate in the cash register system. We have made every attempt to protect you with our system and it is fail proof as long as you verify that you have a valid  ID for the person in front of you and you enter the birthdate as it appears on the Drivers License. As a cashier, it is your RESPONSIBILITY and it is YOUR TICKET should you sell alcohol to a minor. Not to mention the liability and risk you  place yourself in when you sell alcohol to a minor. These tickets are not only expensive to you but we will get a ticket also and both parties may have to go into Chicago for a hearing.

Please protect yourself and our business - Selling liquor to a minor will go on your personal record, as well as cost you $$$$.  Remember check IDs and save yourself a lot of grief! When in doubt call Management up front and/or refuse sale.

Thanks, Kathy Christensen