B&B Bbq & Cooking Wood, Hickory 1 Ea

1.25 cubic feet (35.40 liters). Competition. Taste the flavor. Ideal with: standard smokers; vertical smokers. This product has been kiln dried under USDA protocol T-314-C. Heat treated to minimum interior temperature of 160 degrees F for 90 minutes. Meets Florida 5B-65 F.A.C. Compliance agreement permit nos. TAD 404, 405, 406. Great For: Beef; game; pork; fish; poultry; lamb; veggies; cheeses. Hickory BBQ & Cooking Wood: Strong bacon flavor. Most commonly used & recognized smoking wood. 100% natural; environmentally friendly; kiln dried; heat treated to a min for temperature of 160 degrees F for 90 minutes. Texas style. Kiln dried fuelwood. www.bbcharcoalproducts.com. Scan for product info! Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram. Google Plus. Pinterest. Questions & comments? 1-855-Bbqcoal. Made in the USA.