Paul Masson Pineapple Brandy, 750ml Bottle, 54 Proof

Define your moment with the sweet, lush flavor of Paul Masson Pineapple Brandy. Crafted using only the finest grapes and sweet pineapple, PM Pineapple Brandy is a delectable fusion of Paul Masson Grande Amber brandy and pineapple flavor. Individually aged at least four years, this dark amber brandy features tasting notes of oak spice, ginger, vanilla, dark chocolate and the subtle, yet refined, presence of the American oak bourbon barrel. Paul Masson Pineapple Brandy tastes great served on the rocks at 27% alcohol by volume and is the perfect complement to your favorite mixer. Enjoy this liqueur in a Pineapple Pinarita or Pineapple Tropicola or use PM Pineapple for a flavorful twist on classic brandy cocktails like a sidecar, sazerac or French 75. For more than 70 years, Paul Masson spirits have provided great flavor and smooth taste to elevate any social occasion. Store Paul Masson at room temperature until you’re ready to enjoy the ultimate blend of American brandy. For moments at ease, Paul Masson Flavors bring a relaxed, chilled out vibe to the table.