Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc, Chile 3 L

85 calories - 2.3 g carbs - 8.5% alc per serving. 85 calories; 2.3 g carbs; 8.5% alcohol. Average Analysis Per 5 fl oz: 85 calories, 2.3 g carbs, 0 g fat, less than 1 g protein, less than 1 g natural sugar. Gluten free & low sugar. Low calories & carbs. Light & refreshing, So Much to Love: We're all about the unapologetic pursuit of good times, everywhere. Forget tradition and appearances - what matters most is enjoying the moment with the people you love. And having great wine to pour for them. Open up eco-friendly and award-winning wines that go where the good times go. Top of the Podium: Bota Box consistently over delivers on quality and continues to rake in the awards.Taste for yourself. Lasts and Lasts: No light. No air. Just delicious wine. Bota Box keeps the elements out and the wine fresh for up to 30 days after opening. No Corkscrew, No Problem: Compact, portable, and shatter-proof, Bota Box lets you enjoy premium wine without the corkscrew. Sip on the Light Side: Bota Box Breeze is the perfect sidekick for wherever life takes you. Offering low carbs and calories per serving, this light & refreshing wine has all the flavor of traditional wine so you won't miss a thing! It's going to be a sunny one. This white wine shines bright with aromas of fresh citrus, lemongrass, and honeydew, finishing with notes of lime zest and nectarine. In other words, sunshine in a glass. Share your Bota Box Breeze love! Cheers! Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. So Sustainable: Our boxes are 100% recyclable and made with BPA-free plastic. What can we say? We're down to earth like that. The original environmentally-friendly box. FSC: Mix - Packaging. This box is 100% recyclable - please recycle. Alc 8.5% by vol. 17 Product of Chile.