Brandy Barrel Aged Pinot Noir Red Wine

Stashed in brandy barrels for 75 days, Cooper and Thief Brandy Barrel-Aged Pinot Noir Red Wine forges a new wine direction. This dry red wine opens with an aromatic bouquet of bright, red fruit perfectly blended with spice from the brandy barrel. Refined yet rebellious, the bold flavor profile of this dark red wine sets it apart. This California pinot noir bestows caramel and allspice notes with depth and lushness of flavor. Perfectly ripe Rainier cherries and spice melange dance across the tongue, leading to a warm, oaky finish. To craft this savory wine, specially selected lots of pinot noir, sourced from premium grapes grown throughout California's esteemed vineyards, undergo oak aging in used brandy casks. Complex, smooth, and well-rounded, this bold California wine is ideal for serving with steak and poultry, featuring at a wine and cheese party, or enjoying as a nightcap. To release the full flavor of this fine wine, chill wine bottle for 20 minutes prior to serving. Please enjoy our wines responsibly. © 2021 Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters, Acampo, CA