Firesteed Pinot Gris, Oregon, 2007 750 Ml

Certain grapes thrive in some regions and not others. Generations of trial and error in Europe have taught vintners about the micro-climates best suited to each varietal. Armed with this knowledge, Pinot Gris was introduced to Oregon. A cousin of the popular red wine Pinot Noir, this versatile white can be easily served with a wide range of menus. Ours is fruity and well structured. Many consider it the optimal wine to serve with salmon. Since we began in 1992, FireSteed Cellars strives to create distinctive wines from the regions where they excel. That commitment has sent us across the globe to Italy to make our Barbera d'Asti. We are proud to be back in the Pacific Northwest to produce Pinot Gris in Oregon where it thrives. Alc. 12.4% by vol.