Phil's Eggs, Free Range, Large 12 Ea

Non-GMO. Non GMO Project verified. Eggs from hens fed a Non-GMO Project verified feed. Simply better fed. Simply better taste. Laid in nests by hens we love. Proprietary whole-grain feed. Our Family to Yours: Phil Wubbena was an egg man ahead of his time. In 1959, he had a simple idea - that cage-free, better-fed hens are happier, healthier and produce better tasting eggs. our Phil's free-range eggs are an extension of his original philosophy and enjoy a full-bodied diet of locally grown grains, roasted and blended with nutrient-rich alfalfa, kelp and wheat. On our family-run farms we continue to ensure the highest quality and our eggs speak for themselves. Hens roam outdoors on open range. Happy hens fed Non-GMO grains & nutrient-rich alfalfa. Local family farms passionately tend small flocks. Free of drug & antibiotics. Grade A. CA SEFS compliant. For more recipes and inspirations, visit us on Facebook. Facebook/PhilsFreshEggs. Questions or Comments? Visit to learn more! Certified Humane: Raised & handled. Certified Humane Free Range standards by Human Farm Animal Care. Meets the Humane Farm Animal Care Program standards, which include nutritious diet without antibiotics, animal raised with shelter, resting, areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors. 100% reclaimed paper carton, please recycle.