Dannon Yogurt, Low Fat, Plain 5.3 oz

Savor the taste that makes each moment truly satisfying with Dannon Plain Lowfat Yogurt. Every spoonful of Dannon Lowfat Yogurt is made with high-quality ingredients for a simply delicious plain yogurt experience. Each 5.3 oz gluten free yogurt container not only tastes great but provides an excellent source of calcium and a good source of protein. Crafting yogurts you can trust since 1942, Dannon is committed to providing high-quality, traditional yogurt products that are simply delicious and convenient. Dannon is proud to be part of Danone North America, a Certified B Corp. Be sure to check out all of the Dannon yogurt varieties to find delicious yogurt options for the family. Plus, it’s easy to add to your breakfast or enjoy as an afternoon snack, on the go snack or dessert. Make the most of every bite with Dannon Plain Lowfat Yogurt.