Marvel Mystery Oil

Marvel® Mystery Oil. Since 1923. Add To Gas & Oil. • Helps Extend Engine Life. • Improves Fuel Economy. • Cleans The Engine From The Inside Out. 32 FL. OZ. (1 Quart) 946 ml. Since 1923, Marvel Mystery Oil® has helped increase the life of countless engines of all types! From fighter planes in WWII to exotic sport cars to long-haul trucks and everything in between, those in the know depend on Original Formula Marvel Mystery Oil®. What does Marvel® do Cleans the engine from the inside out! • When added to your engine oil, Marvel® breaks down and removes harmful deposits of sludge and carbon. Cleaner engines run better and longer! Increases fuel economy! • When regularly added to your fuel, Marvel® keeps spark plugs and fuel injectors free of carbon deposits, resulting in better firing plugs and optimal fuel use! Protects against temperature extremes! • Marvel® fortifies motor oil (both traditional and synthetic) for increased resistance to high temperatures and easier cold weather starting! Enhances overall performance! • Regularly use Marvel® in your oil and fuel for a smoother, quieter engine! For more uses, visit: © Marvel Oil Company.