Del Monte® Orchard Select® Sliced Cling Peaches No Sugar Added in Water 19 oz. Jar

In water, artificially sweetened. No sugar added. 50% less sugar than peaches in light syrup. Quality. Since 1892. Premium. Hand-sorted. Premium quality produce, hand selected. Now you can enjoy delicious, hand-selected premium Del Monte Orchard Select Peaches with no added sugar! 50% less sugar and 40% less calories than Peaches in Extra Light Syrup per serving. No Sugar Added Peaches - 40 calories. Peaches in Extra Light Syrup - 70 calories. No Sugar Added Peaches - 8 g sugars. Peaches in Extra Light Syrup - 16 g sugar. Questions? Call us at 1-800-543-3090 (Mon-Fri). Pasteurized. Packed in USA.