Boost Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink, Chocolate

Natural and artificial flavor. Free! Expert nutrition support (see details on top panel). 24 essential vitamins & minerals with 7 g of protein. Kid approved! Got questions about your child's nutrition? Call to talk to our registered dietitians! 1-800-284-6421. Mon-Fri 8-8 EST. Boost Kid Essentials: 24 essential vitamins and minerals; 7 g of protein to help build muscle; Calcium and vitamin D to help build strong bones; Gluten free. Suitable for lactose intolerance (not for individuals with galactosemia); No high fructose corn syrup. And Boost Kid Essentials is kid approved! Visit Provides choline. Contains 103 mg choline per serving, which is 19% of the daily value (DV) for choline (550 mg). Also Contains the Following Nutrients per Serving: L-carnitine 4.1 mg, taurine 22 mg, inositol 20 mg. Vitamin A (Includes vitamin A activity from beta carotene.). Questions or comments? Call us at (800) 284-6421, Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm ET.