Crest ProHealth Toothpaste, Fluoride, Smooth Peppermint

Other Information: roducts containing stannous fluoride may produce surface staining of the teeth. Adequate toothbrushing may prevent these stains which are not harmful or permanent and may be removed by your dentist. This Crest is specially formulated to help prevent staining. See your dentist regularly. Misc: Fluoride toothpaste for anticavity, antigingvitis and sensitive teeth. Smooth formula. Cavities. Gingivitis. Sensitivity. Plaque. Tartar. Whitening. Freshens breath. Healthier gums and stronger teeth (Fights plaque and gingivitis. Strengthens enamel). Crest Pro-Health Smooth Peppermint is a foamy formula with the bold and invigorating flavor of cool peppermint-strengthens enamel.