Hartz Cat Toy, Peek & Play Pop-up Tent 1 ea

1. Crinkle mat. 2. Hanging toys. 3. Different windows. Just for cats. No dogs allowed! Swat! Hartz! Just for Cats Peek & Play is the perfect hideaway for cats. This unique activity center promotes both individual and interactive play. It includes two hanging toys for swatting, holes for peeking, and a detachable crinkle mat for scratching. There is no assembly required for this pop up tent. Great for multi-cat households. Pops open instantly! Be careful as this product opens instantly as you remove the strap. Keep away from face while opening. Play Share Pattern. Every toy fills a need. Play Hunt Pattern. Every toy fills a need. Play Swat Pattern. Every toy fills a need. See instructions inside the box for storage. www.hartz.com. Facebook. www.facebook.com/HartzPets. Made in China.