Ru Lawns North Rts 32oz

Kills weeds - not the lawn. Kills crabgrass, dandelion, clover, yellow nutsedge (See inside booklet for weed list). Ready-to-spray. For use on northern grasses. Kills 253 types of weeds. Controls: crabgrass; dandelion; clover; yellow nutsedge; What it Does: starts working immediately; rainproof in 3 hours; kills the roots, guaranteed (Guaranteed results or your money back. If for any reason you are not satisfied after using this product, simply send us original proof of purchase and we will refund the purchase price). Questions & comments: Call 1-866-572-0035 or visit our website at Product Information: Roundup For Lawns3 is a selective herbicide that controls emerged broadleaf and grass weeds in established lawns. Symptoms you may expect to see on affected broadleaf weeds include leaf reddening, leaf and stem curling and twisting, chlorosis and necrosis. Symptoms expected on grass weeds including stunting, chlorosis, gradual reddening and necrosis. Broadleaf Weeds Controlled: Roundup For Lawns3 is effective for post-emergent control or suppression of hard-to-kill weeds such as poison ivy, poison oak, sheep sorrel and spurge. Additionally, Roundup For Lawns3 controls most other broadleaf weeds including chickweed, clover, dandelion, knotweed and plantain. A list is presented below: Broadleaf Weeds: Amaranth, purple; Amaranth, slender; Aster, heath; Aster, white heath; Aster, purple; Aster, white prairie; Artichoke, Austrianfieldcress; Bedstraw, catchweed; Bedstraw, smooth; Bedstraw, northern; Bedstraw, pineywoods; Beggarticks, hairy; Betony, Florida; Bindweed, field, Bindweed, hedge; Bitter Wintercress; Bittercress, hairy; Bitterweed; Black-eyed Susan; Black medic; Blood flower milkweed; Blue lettuce; Brassbuttons; Bristly oxtongue; Broomweed; Buckhorn; Bullnettle; Burclover; Burdock; Burweed, lawn (spurweed); Buttercup, bulbous; Buttercup, creeping; Buttonweed, common (poorjoe); Buttonweed, Virginia; Carolina geranium (wild); Carpetweed; Catnip; Catsear, spotted (false dandelion); Chamber bitter; Chickweed, common; Chickweed, mouseear; Chickweed, sticky; Chicory; Clinquefoil; Clover, crimson; Clover, alsike; Clover, hop; Clover, rabbit foot; Clover, red; Clover, strawberry; Clover, yellow sweet; Clover, white sweet; Clover, white; Cockle; Cocklebur; Cocklebur, oriental; Cocklebur, spiny; Common mullein; Corn spurry; Creeping beggarweed; Creeping Jenny (creeping Charlie); Cupid shaving brush; Cudweed; Daisy, English; Daisy, Oxeye; Dandelion, common; Dandelion, false; Day flower; Deadnettle; Dichondra; Dock, broadleaf; Dock, curly; Dogbane; Dogfennel; Dollarweed (pennywort); Doveweed; Elderberry; False sunflower; Fiddleneck; Filaree, redstem; Filaree, whitestem; Fleabane, daisy (annual); Fleabane, rough; Galinsoga, hairy; Galinsoga, smallflower; Goldenrod; Ground ivy; Groundsel; Gumweed; Hairy fleabane; Hawkweed, meadow; Hawkweed, mouseear; Hawkweed, orange; Hawkweed, yellow; Healall; Heartleaf drymary; Hemp; Henbit; Hoary cress; Horsenettle; Horseweed; Jimsonweed; Johnny-Jumpup violet; Knawel; Knotweed, prostrate; Kochia; Lambsquarters; Lespedesa; Mallow, alkali, Mallow, bristly; Mallow, common; Mallow, dwarf; Mallow, Venice; Marcela; Matchweed; Moneywort; Morningglory, bigroot; Morningglory, ivyleaf; Morningglory, Mexican, Morningglory, red; Morningglory, tall; Morningglory, woolly; Mugwort; Mustard, ball; Mustard; black; Mustard, blue; Mustard, hedge; Mustard, Indian; Mustard, tansy; Mustard, tumble; Mustard, white; Mustard, wormseed; Nettle, stinging (burning); Nettle, tall; Nettle, wood; Parsley-piert; Parsnip; Pearlwort; Pennycress (Frenchweed); Pepperweed, perennial; Pepperweed, Virginia (peppergrass); Pigweed, prostate; Pigweed, redroot; Pigweed, Russian; Pigweed, smooth, Pigweed, tumble, Pineappleweed; Plains coreopsis (tickseed); Plaintain, blackseed; Plantain, bracted; Plantain, broadleaf; Plantain, hoary; Plantain, narrowleaf; Plantain, slender; Plantain, woolly; Poison ivy; Poison oak; Pokeweed; Prairie sunflower; Prickly lettuce (compass plant); Prickly sida; Prostate knotweed; Puncturevine; Purslane, common; Pusley, Brazil; Pusley, Florida; Pusley, large flower; Ragweed, bur; Ragweed, common; Ragweed, lanceleaf; Ragweed, western; Redstem filaree; Rough cinquefoil; Scarlet pimpernel; Shepherdspurse; Smartweed, ladysthumb; Smartweed, pale; Smartweed, Pennsylvania; Smooth chaff-flower; Smooth dock; Sorrel, red (sheep); Sowthistle, annual; Sowthistle, spiny; Spanish needles; Speedwell, bi-lobed; Speedwell, common; Speedwell, corn; Speedwell, ivyleaf; Speedwell, Persian; Speedwell, purslane; Speedwell, slender; Speedwell, thymeleaf; Spiny amaranth; Spurge, spotted; Spurge, prostate; Spurweed; Star of Bethlehem; Strawberry, Indian mock; Tansy ragwort; Tanweed; Thistle, blessed; Thistle, bull; Thistle, Canada; Thistle, flodman (prairie); Thistle, musk; Thistle, platte; Thistle, plumeless; Thistle, Russian; Thistle, Scotch; Thistle, wavyleaf; Thistle, yellow (horrible); Trailing crownvetch; Velvetleaf; Vervain, blue; Vervain, hoary; Vervain, prostate; Vervain, tall; Vetch, bird; Vetch, hairy, Vetch, milk; Vetch, narrowleaf; Vetch, wild; Virginia creeper; Western clematis; Western salsify; Wild aster; Wild buckweat; Wild carrot; Wild four-o-clock; Wild garlic; Wild lettuce; Wild marigold; Wild mustard (yellow rocket); Wild onion; Wild parsnip; Wild radish; Wild rape; Wild strawberry; Wild sweet potato; Wild violet; Woodsorrel, creeping; Woodsorrel, violet; Woodsorrel, yellow (Oxalis); Wooly croton; Wormseed; Yarrow, common; Yarrow, western; Yarrow, yellow. Grass Weeds Controlled: Roundup for Lawns3, also provides post emergent control and/or suppression of the listed grass and sedge weeds in turfgrass. Below is a list of grass weeds controlled: Grass Weeds: Crabgrass, large and smooth; Foxtail, green, yellow and giant; Barnyardgrass; Nutsedge, yellow. Questions & comments: Call 1-866-572-0035 or visit our website at